About Us

MLCDC Mission

MLCDC provides Latinos with opportunities to generate economic growth by providing financing products, development services and community development that advances their ability to develop a sustainable future in the Midlands.

MLCDC Vision

MLCDC will be a catalyst for a thriving, diverse, and inclusive community enriched by Latino influence, economic results, culture and leadership.


We believe in:

  • Leadership
  • Education
  • Well being
  • Economic Growth
  • Inclusivity

Strategic Goals

  • To help, advise and package the best loan program to meet the needs of low income Latino businesses which do not have access to banks in the greater Omaha area
  • To support the creation of new Latino businesses, to work for the growth of established Latino businesses, and, to increase the number of small businesses in the greater Omaha area
  • To create sufficient skilled child care providers to serve every Latino Family in the Greater Omaha area
  • To Increase home ownership for Latinos in South Omaha area
  • To provide access to every Latino family to the services they need to increase the opportunities for growth and increase their quality of life
  • To build the identity of MLCDC as an organization recognized by funders, policy leaders, and clients as the primary organization for economic growth of Latinos in the Midlands

What Our Logo Represents

The logo represents the development and integration of the Latino bronze people into the economy of the United States of America. A yellow geometric figure represents wealth in Latino American countries and the green geometric figure represents the concept of wealth in the United States. The yellow figure is over the green rectangle indicating the interaction of both concepts.

Our Educational and Coaching Services for Micro-businesses

Child Care Development Program

  • How to Start and Manage a Childcare: Classes are provided, which include: the tools needed to start a licensed child care facility within the community
  • Childcare Networking and Educational Meetings: At these gatherings, MLCDC is giving educational and networking opportunities to childcares in Greater Omaha.

Women Go Forward

Women Go Forward fosters the empowerment of women who are often relegated to the home. The program helps isolated participants to build friendships, engage in the community, and improve skills and self-esteem. Women Go Forward increases opportunities for Latinas through holistic education, workforce, entrepreneurial training and financial literacy.

Women Go Forward offers entrepreneurial training, individual business counseling, technology training, leadership development, access to capital and financial education.

Micro-Business Program

  • How to prepare a Business Plan: Individual training and technical assistance is provided to small business owners to assist with the development of business plans and the management of their businesses
  • Business Plan Preparation: MLCDC gives one-on-one technical assistance in the preparation of business plans to access to bank loans and/or other micro-lending sources

Micro-lending program

In this program, MLCDC helps small businesses that have no access to bank loans.

Computer Training

Computer skills are taught to enhance each individual’s proficiency and give information technology to the Latino business community.

Annual Job Fair and Expo Conference

The conference features a national guest speakers to discuss the ways in which other cities have successfully implemented community and economic development programs.

MLCDC Board of Directors


Ranferi Carvajal-Solis
District Manager
Wells Fargo Bank

First Vice-President

Maria Valentin
Administrative Director
South Omaha Surgical Canter

First Treasurer

Eric Faurote Ph.D.
Financial Consultant
AXA Advisors

Second Treasurer

Carol Russell
Community Advocate and Volunteer

First Secretary

Catherine D. Lang
Nebraska Business Development Center
University of Nebraska

Second Secretary

Elia Rivera
Melina's Salsa, Chips and More

Merlyn Menjibar
Twins Daycare

Yolanda Diaz
Little Miss Fashion

Juan Zuluaga
Business Relationship Manager
US Bank


Executive Director

Marta Sonia Londono Mejia

Projects Development Director

Maria Feijoo

Business Development and Micro-Lending Coordinator

Marcela Morales