MLCDC’s lending program offer the following products:

  • The HELP-SELF Financial Loan Fund serves start-up and sideline business, home-based businesses, self-employed individuals and other micro-businesses that need small amounts of credit and practical business assistance. Group members receive training and assistance in marketing, money management, advertising, and customer relations. Furthermore, MLCDC supports them in business plan preparation.
  • Step-Up Borrowing: relies on character-based loans and demonstrated credit-worthiness. Members who reach the $10,000 loan level have established a solid credit history, acquired business experience and are ready for commercial credit.
  • Revolving Loan Fund: provides loans for businesses that have established credit, collateral and business operations that qualify for loans up to $25,000. MLCDC is planning to increase these loans up to $50,000.00 during 2017.

For more information about our lending program please call at (402) 933-4466 or (402) 850-0968. Also, you can send us an e-mail at mlondono@midlandslatinocdc.org.