Childcare Program

How to Start and Manage a Childcare

Classes are offered in Spanish and in English. A review of the curriculum content reveals participants are educated about licensing requirements, business planning, marketing, nutrition, legal issues, child abuse, record keeping , taxes and finance, accounting, setting up a home child care and costs of operation. Participants also complete CPR and first aid training as part of the curriculum.

Support services including in home assessment, to resolve any personal barriers; technical assistance to understand and fulfill all licensing and procedural requirements for a new business or child care.

Childcare Networking and Educational Meetings

The Child Care networking gatherings are attended by currently operating child care providers as well as participants, because the training sessions qualify for continuing education credits for child care. Helping child care providers to continue their education is one way MLCDC is contributing to the growth and well being of our children knowledge base.

Women Go Forward

Women Go Forward offers entrepreneurial training, individual business counseling, technology training, leadership development, access to capital and financial education.

Considering business?

For those women curious about starting a business, MLCDC offers three-hour workshops to help aspiring entrepreneurs understand the risks and rewards of self-employment

Business success

For women with a solid business idea, MLCDC’s 13-week training program covers all the nuts and bolts to help women write a comprehensive business plan

Business Breakthrough

MLCDC’s advanced entrepreneurial training course helps established business owners identify growth opportunities, develop leadership skills and increase profitability

Dream Builder

This is a 13-week business planning course in Spanish for inspiring Latina entrepreneurs

Technology training

MLCDC has a computer lab with 15 computers and offers training in QuickBooks, budgeting, invoicing, and pricing

Financial Education

Through this program Latinas can learn about a variety of money management skills such as: saving, insurance, taxes, compliance with labor laws , maximizing cash flow, and retirement plans

Micro-enterprise Business Program

How to Prepare Business Plan to Receive a Loan or to Plan the Growth of Your Business

Individuals wishing to apply for a loan, planning the starting up or the growth of their businesses, attend a six week intensive training on how to develop a business plan. Those with a viable business plan continue with one-on-one technical assistance to implement the plan.

Business’s owners receive technical assistance to understand and fulfill all licensing and procedural requirements for all kinds of business.

Educational and Networking Meetings for businesses

These meetings encourage the growth of Latino small businesses for industry. Also, these gatherings are creating a bridge between businesses from different communities.

Other Educational Programs and Technical Assistance for Business

Preparation of business plans, business accounting, taxation, marketing, legal clinics,technology training and QuickBooks.