The logo is gold and turquoise, keeping the gold from the original logo, which stands for wealth in Latino American countries. The turquoise is used because it is a complementary color of the gold, and the color holds the meaning of patience, wholeness, love and joy- which are all things that can be found at MLCDC. Keeping some of the elements of the original logo and what it stands for but with an updated, fresh look. The abstract of a person was kept, but the arms are a circle because it represents MLCDC as a community, coming together.

Calendar of Events

Jan 03

Peer Lending Group Loan Meeting /Pioneers

MLCDC provides loans to business loan Group members. more...

Jan 07

Meeting to Plan A Multi-Pronged Community Economic Development Project

Working in job creation and business expansion in South Omaha more...

Jan 11

Training and Networking Latino Contractors

Strengthening Latino Contractors in greater Omaha more...

Jan 14

Preparing a Business Plan to Project the Growth of Your Business or to Apply for a Loan

Easy way to increase the size of your business and prepare a business plan more...

Jan 14

How to Start a Licensed Business

Classes and technical assistance to develop successful and sustained market responsive businesses more...

Jan 18

MLCDC’s Loan Committee Meeting

Evaluating loan applications for the direct lending program more...

Jan 28

Childcare Training and Networking

Managing your childcare more...

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MLCDC Sponsorship Opportunities

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