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The Pew Hispanic Center reports the Latino population has grown by 87% in Douglas County, 116% in Sarpy County and 113% in Pottawattamie County. Douglas and Sarpy Counties have more than 69,000 Latino residents. Despite a growing Latino population, there is a very low rate of Latino-owned businesses. 1.3% of firms in the Omaha-Council Bluffs MSA are Latino-owned compared to 94.5% owned by Whites.

Latinos in the greater omaha area experience poverty at a higher rate: 13% are in poverty in Pottawattamie County, and 28% in Dodge, 23% in Douglas, 15% in Sarpy and 36% in Saunders counties in NE, compared 7.6% in IA, 8.1% in NE, and 10.5% nationally, indicating Latinos need opportunities to increase their income through employment or business ownership.

The challenge is to support the creation of Latino-owned businesses that can provide new employment opportunities, particularly for low income Latino residents.

MLCDC provides necessary services to the growing population of Latinos in greater Omaha area. As a whole, greater Omaha area’s Latino population is in search of employment, opportunities to care for their young children, and methods of becoming acculturated to mainstream society including the U.S. financial system.

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Oct 05

Peer Lending Group Loan Meeting /Pioneers

MLCDC provides loans to business loan Group members. more...

Oct 10

Preparing a Business Plan to Project the Growth of Your Business or to Apply for a Loan

Easy way to increase the size of your business and prepare a business plan more...

Oct 10

How to Start a Licensed Business

Classes and technical assistance to develop successful and sustained market responsive businesses more...

Oct 14

MLCDC’s Loan Committee Meeting

Evaluating loan applications for the direct lending program more...

Oct 15

Meeting to Plan A Multi-Pronged Community Economic Development Project

Working in job creation and business expansion in South Omaha more...

Oct 19

MLCDC Eight Annual Conference and Business Expo

Building Wealth, Businesses and Dreams more...

Oct 31

Midlands Childcare Association Lending Meeting

MLCDC provides loans to business loan Group members more...

Oct 31

Childcare Training and Networking

Contagious Diseases more...

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